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Why i bought…Ibanez AC340 acoustic guitar, i compared my Ibanez Artwood AC340 acoustic guitar against a Martin Road Series Custom acoustic guitar and surprisingly it stood up to it really well!

It has a Solid Okoume Mahogany top, and Okoume Mahogany back and sides (laminated back and sides i think)

This comparison showed me that a budget acoustic guitar can sound as good as a high end acoustic guitar, i borrowed the Martin Acoustic guitar from a friend of mine to do the comparison and to use in my Whiskey Glasses cover video, let me know what you think of the sound comparison in the comments below.

Ibanez AC340 acoustic guitar:


Video Source: YouTube

10 thoughts on “Why I bought… The Ibanez Artwood acoustic guitar
  1. T'ukux Runa says:

    Great review! Love how the Ibanez AC340 sounds, and looks so beautiful. Does it require any special cleaning product? I mean, due to its open pore wood.

  2. Travis Hoover says:

    I have one but mine is electric has both types of plugs on it. I use it for the kids choir in my church. I get so many compliments on how it looks and sounds.

  3. Travis Hoover says:

    Artwood is brighter due mostly to the size difference to the Martin.

  4. David M says:

    Great review. I’m looking for a grand concert guitar, so I’ll have to check this one out. I wonder if your set-up was out of the box or if the store did a set-up on it.

  5. steveinkentucky says:

    Derek, thanks for that great video. I had already ordered an AW54CE open wood series. It’s great to be able to hear that line against the Martin. For guitars in this price range, the Artwood series are gaining a solid reputation.

  6. Ngôn Phạm đình says:

    Im beginner. I want to buy it online but: Do I have to setup action or something like that when I receive it? Please answer, thanks

  7. Muhammad Fitri Idris says:

    sir.. what do you think about ibanez acoustic ae245 compared to the guitar in this video?

  8. Jesus Lopez says:

    Better than Yamaha for that Price range?

  9. BRYAN BELSHAW says:

    Hi Derek. Greetings from Northern Ireland on lockdown. Thanks for the great vid. I haven’t picked up a guitar for over 30 years and was wondering if this one was a great place to start again? I have slightly fat fingers so would that make a difference? I can pick a brand new one of these online for£195. Cheers.

  10. Atul Mestry says:

    Hello Derek, just loved your videos..❤️
    I’m a beginner, yet to learn abc of guitar, with the kind of rewiews I zeroed on ibanez. Looking to buy a pre-owned one , hv came across 2 choices Ibanez PF17ECE and AW250 artwood… both are on good condition, barely used. Roughly getting at half the price of new one..I’m comfortable with any from budget perspective.
    pls help me select.
    I’m a hobbyist and would like to play guitar for pure joy..

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