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In this guitar lesson, we’ll be talking about dealing with sore fingers on the guitar. Every guitarist deals with painful fingertips at some point and it can be really annoying. This problem isn’t just limited to beginners either. A veteran player going into a season of more frequent playing can quickly result in some sore fingers. So in this video, we’ll be covering eight helpful tips for dealing with uncomfortable fingertips.

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10 thoughts on ““Why do my fingers hurt?” – Guitar Lesson
  1. Sarah Rager says:

    I am a very small person and I have a standard size guitar. The guitar as a whole hurts my arms. Should I get a smaller one?

  2. Nali Liu says:

    Thanks for your video! I watch your lessons! I’m a beginner! But I have an issue with a sore left elbow while playing chords. I think it may be due to the tension from my fingers pressing on the guitar strings. I tried positioning my elbow and fret hand closer to my body & at a different angle, but I still get the pain in my elbow & along my forearm. Do you know how to stop/prevent this?

  3. Tiny God says:

    Nice Lesson !

  4. Kevin Hunt says:

    Just came back from my 45 high school reunion. 3 of us played all week at evening parties. Im sorry, but I love playing to much and enjoy how numb my fingertips are! Lol! Does that make me a sicko? Imagine being a band musician travelling doing shows every night. Just a thought.

  5. Guitarist In Training says:

    Why can’t I play fast?

  6. Adam Beaumont says:

    ive just come off a weeks holiday… thats why then.

  7. Sticky Toast Crunch says:

    I like the way it hurts, not to be a weirdo but it makes me feel like I have actually made progress

  8. SenpaiDentai says:

    Yeah my fingers looks like harden nuts after playing 4 whole days none stop.

  9. Anjir Rumey says:

    4:10 very important topic. this one actually i suffered a lot 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  10. Laura Molnar says:

    help, so i’m playing guitar a lot, and i also want to keep doing that but recently i noticed a sharp, stinging pain randomly showing up in one of my fingertips. It’s only for a moment and then gone again, but it hurts really bad. i also had/ still have lightly tendon problems in my wrist… does anyone else have the same problem and know what it is/ knows what to do about it?

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