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Not long ago, I put together a brand tier list for electric guitars. A lot of you guys requested an acoustic list, so here I am, stirring the pot on which acoustic guitar brand is the best of the best (and the worst of the worst)…in my humble opinion.

To be fair, I’ve only included brands where I’ve had firsthand experience with their guitars. I know some of these products are made in the same factories, and some companies might have both entry-level products and high-end products, so I’ve created these tiers based on how I’d rank the brand as a whole.

Let the pot-stirring begin!

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10 thoughts on “What’s The BEST Acoustic Guitar Brand? (Tier List)
  1. Ed Fulginiti says:

    I wish this vid we’re done back in 2014 when I began my acoustic journey. I have 3 Taylor’s and 1 Martin. No regrets. That said, the S6 and the Yamaha…say 800 series…intrigues.

  2. Whiteys Workshop says:

    You have great taste in tone bro! Nice choices, My list would be different but that’s what makes music so great!! I remember my first acoustic it was a Yamaha 33 yrs. ago, I loved it but it sounded like shit (I was 9, I didn’t care) Then a few years later I bought a Fender which I still have, that also sounds like shit but she’s my campfire guitar, It’s nice to have at least 1 beater, Lol. Then a few more years went by and me a my band started gigging, So I needed an electric acoustic. All my good friends at the time had Takemine’s I figured they were a good bang for the buck and bought one. It was ok, the best sounding acoustic I ever had but still not that great. I took a few Luthier classes in Boston so I could make my own guitars acoustic and electric but in the time I was still taking classes I wanted a really nice acoustic and our band was getting a lot more gigs. I already had my dream electric but I set my mind on a great acoustic. So I started shopping around with a budget of around 3,000$ I figured I could get a good one for that price. I played tons of acoustics, and none seemed to really do it for me and I was playing Martin’s, Taylor’s, all sorts of nice guitars. I narrowed it down until I found a Taylor I really liked, I asked the salesman why it sounded so much different (but better to me) Than all the other acoustics I had been playing all day. He told me it was the Koa wood that made it sound so good. It was around 2,500 bucks, not bad for the playability and tone, Just as I was about to leave my wife noticed another solid Koa guitar with all gold hardware and a cutaway. (the Taylor was a jumbo with no cutaway. So I tried that one, and I fell in love with her! She sounded better than the Taylor, looked alot better and was 1,000 cheaper around 1,400 brand new! And it was a Takamine… I never knew they made such a nice acoustic! to this day I still have her and play her quite often (not as much as the one I finally built) but I play her at least a few times a week and the sound just keeps getting better over the years. Like I said I’n the beginning you have great taste bro! Rock on……………… Mike (Ipswich River Guitars).

  3. Paul Hayes says:

    I recently bought a Martin after playing on Tanglewood and Yamaha for years, The Martin is a whole different animal, it has a beautiful tone quality and feels great to play.

  4. Ed Petrik says:

    Nice review…you are very fortunate to have been able to try out all these guitars…but in the end ..for .. the rest of us just might boil down to
    what we can afford …so we play on …enjoying ..playing ..and..kinda ..not thinking about ..tiers…😎🎸

  5. Patrick Clark says:

    How the fuck can you put Guild in the same category as Gretch and Epiphone ? Guild acoustic guitars are the only acoustic guitars I own by choice. They are incredible and you are wrong. Ovation are waaaaay worse than Guild.

  6. Brett Midd says:

    Typical yank. Probably never even heard of “Maton”. You really missed out there mate

  7. Shawn Neal says:

    Great list! I have an old Fender DG-100 and I gotta say, I kinda like it! It’s never let me down.

  8. Leo Maneke says:

    I have a Yamaha FG guitar and it sounds really good. B tier is the right spot for this

  9. nannyfo1 says:

    I bought a Collings D2H in 2004. Their company was only a few years old at the time, I had never heard of them. I made a trip to Blue Note Music in San Luis Obispo (out of business since then) to choose between two Santa Cruz guitars. The owner handed me the Collings and asked me to try it out and give feedback. I played one chord and never gave another thought to the Santa Cruz guitars. It’s an amazing instrument. I recently had LR Baggs Anthem pickups installed, and I can say it’s the guitar I had dreamed of owning. Save up your money. A lot of it. Find the guitar you know you can play the rest of your life and then pass to someone else.

  10. Phillip. Ring says:

    I’ve owned a few Martins (HD-28V, D-18GE) I wanted a 000 Rosewood to go with my forever Martin (18GE) the obvious choice was a 000 or OM 28. I ended up with a Larrivee OM-40 RW and I’m in love.

    I was surprised to see them B teamed. They don’t make a guitar that isn’t solid wood, Jean Larrivee literally globe hopes looking for the best materials. I think the flatter response may turn folks off but I’ve never played one (I had an OM-03) for a bit and played a few others that didn’t feel glorious, and sound great.

    TL:DR I get it, but disagree.

    PS… Collings, those guys have it figured out

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