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Dagan walks us through the different guitar sizes, helps you find the perfect guitar size with his handy guitar buying guide and shows you how to choose a guitar.

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What guitar size should I buy? Which is the right guitar for me? What’s the best guitar to learn on? These are all questions you might have when trying to decide on your first guitar, so Dagan makes it easy and highlights all the different guitar sizes and how the key things to look for when buying your first guitar.

Whether you’re just starting out on your journey into the world of guitar, you’re looking for a guitar gift for your loved ones or you just want to see all the different guitar sizes out there, this quick video guide to guitar sizes, guitar sounds and guitar styles from Dagan over in PMT Newcastle will help.

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10 thoughts on “What Guitar Size Should I Buy? – Dagans Guitar Size Guide
  1. Bass Fishing with the AntiChrist says:

    When your finger tips do get calloused, pulling a hot plate of food out of the microwave and placing it on your finger tips to carry over to the table is a guitarists mutant X-men power. Yeah, it may not be the best mutant power but it comes in handy saving food from being dropped on the floor. Especially, when you’re really hungry and your watching something on the Tele. (Why I’m I starting to develop an accent?)

  2. Javier Capada says:

    1:12 Maroon 5 Lost stars

  3. Leo says:

    *sexy spanish cousins*

  4. Ssundees h2O says:

    I miss the times when guitars weren’t the years

  5. Irfan Spirtovic says:

    Dagan without an SG is weird

  6. Simon Something says:

    I don’t want a guitar I want to be friends with Dagan

  7. Kercy Pilier says:

    4:39 what is that guitar?

  8. raistlin majere says:

    Is there an acoustic guitar in the size/shape identical or almost similar to an electric guitar? My acoustic guitar now feels bulky since I started practicing more and more on my electric. Thanks!

  9. John Zito says:

    If Dagan is not talking I’m not listening!

  10. piyush arya says:

    What is the guitar brand you picked after fender?

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