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In Part 2 of this (very tongue in cheek) Professional Music Technology acoustic guitar buying guide, Sam and Meg run through the top 10 things to look for (or rather, not look for) when buying an acoustic guitar!

We discuss (or rather debate) various tone woods, sizes, sound, set-ups and much more…but who do you agree with, Sam or Meg?

If you missed it, watch part 1 here:

Please note: Sam and Meg are good mates, and this is all very tongue in cheek!


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10 thoughts on “Top 10 things NOT to look for when buying an Acoustic Guitar – Part 2
  1. Mark Evans says:

    Meg Forever ❤️

  2. Randy Allamon says:

    As cute as your approach here may be, it really was only half worth listening to, BY DESIGN.
    Why waste my time with the bullshit? Next time, do a one parter with only true info

  3. la cara de Johnsen says:

    I can’t appreciate your comedy enough more than the actual “help”

  4. Ignacio MR says:

    Faq of

  5. Goran Ramovic says:

    By the way I play cowbell

  6. JfkHadNoWindWall says:

    I feel like Meg has some repressed anger towards Sam.

  7. Jayson Mercier says:

    Meagan is the only person on this Chanel WITH A BRAIN,!!!!

  8. Jayson Mercier says:

    And it does not matter what Meagan looks like, this is about picking a guitar idiots, pay attention!!!!!

  9. Nicole N. says:

    Excellent and funny too! Thanks for the advice.

  10. War Boy says:

    Meg is cute………

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