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In Part 1 of this (very tongue in cheek) Professional Music Technology acoustic guitar buying guide, Sam and Meg run through the top 10 things to look for (or rather, not look for) when buying an acoustic guitar!

Perfect for those wondering what to look for in an acoustic guitar or how to choose an acoustic guitar.

We discuss (or rather debate) various tone woods, sizes, sound, set-ups and much more…but who do you agree with, Sam or Meg?

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10 thoughts on “TOP 10 things NOT to look for when buying an Acoustic Guitar… (Part 1)
  1. jamie brown says:

    Anyone else see Arya Stark when she’s talking?

  2. Dave says:

    that young girl is as cute as a skunk’s bum!

  3. pciem says:

    God, the guitar in the intro sounds like crap.

  4. ChickeN says:

    cringy tbh

  5. najmoon noorani says:


  6. 90's Nostalgia says:

    I found a Suzuki acoustic guitar at goodwill for $60 bucks had it tuned, and it sounds great!!

  7. Jesús Guillermo says:

    Her name and Instagram user, please 🙂

  8. princeicio says:

    I love women with bangs <3

  9. Angrymonk 94 says:

    wait fender cd 60 is solid top?

  10. Sneha Sarkar says:


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