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We count down the top ten EASIEST most simplest guitar riffs EVER! I also demonstrate just how easy they really are!
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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Easiest Guitar Riffs!
  1. Helen Priestley says:


  2. Techno bolt9908 says:

    “These are easy” says the man that can play everything

  3. Syward_Stryker 99 says:


  4. Chillu Alkey says:

    i can’t watch till the end… it’s just…. my fault i guess

  5. etgameing48 vlogs says:

    Rip dimebag Darrell and XXX tentacion

  6. AnImE rUlEs says:

    What about bully by shinedown or stone by Alice in chains?

  7. Claire Redfield says:

    Tone it down, dude you’re loud as fuck

  8. Cutcucumberyt2 says:

    1:03 don’t be mean to Keith Richards

  9. Alba James says:

    Well at least one of you didn’t get claimed for playing smoke on the water

  10. MR_Gamer 20 says:

    3:33 lol

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