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Ode to Joy
Für Elise
The Beatles – Because
Pink Floyd – Wish you were here
Eddy S: I see 🔥

Guitar: Collings OM2H

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10 thoughts on “The Ultimate 432Hz VS 440Hz | CONSPIRACY + Comparison
  1. Shawn Martin says:

    Hmmm my pulse synched with 432hz… Like fast. Weeeeeeeird

  2. Hurdygurdy man says:

    432 all the way

  3. Luca Brandt says:

    look at 417 too 🙂 432 a translation from 417? i beliefe so!

  4. Christopher K says:

    I think the acoustics of the room are better on the right hand side. Maybe it’s just aliens…

  5. Redfeather Free says:

    440 is a bit uptight, 432 is more mellow, the 440 induces slight anxiety. The cat got it right. Furthermore, time is actually a measure of distance it is linked to the universe and the Babylonian system has it right, the Standard system is also a reflection of nature…

  6. Steven James Porter says:

    Look at the work of researchers like Randall Carlson and we know that seconds are actually units of measurement that are derived from the rotation of the earth. It definitely predates babylonians. Cheers!

  7. 2wheelphoto says:

    Problem is that this is a video. The audio is compressed on output. So, it’s not really easy to notice any difference.

  8. Curaçao Amateur Radio Group says:

    I’m a musician too, the first song you played in 432 touch my heart, the same one in 440 touch only my ears. the difference is not big in waves it’s only 8 hz p/s, but you feel it! Yes FEEL IT AND HEAR IT, IS A BIG DIFFERENCE.

  9. Robert Levy says:

    Thanks for the video & research.. I started playing music in 440hz & did so for 12 years(&15 albums) till I was introduced to 432 by a mathematician/ visual artist/mentor in 2011. Since then I’ve been playing in 432hz for about 8 years now (sometimes in 440hz when collaborating with others who use it still) & the difference I have noticed most is when I’m singing in 432 vs in 440. My voice seems to be much more open & resonant in 432. I definitely prefer it now, but I feel that one must try it for an extended period & do their own research of how their ears & body/mind responds to it. I don’t get caught in all the history & conspiracy of it all, just tried it myself & committed to it & made my own discoveries of which I prefer. At the very least I figure, if something is standard in this world today, that it is worth trying something different to see what the outcome. Lots of frequencies to play with.. Try them out

  10. Haz Mat says:

    432Hz will travel through the body more smoothly, where as 440Hz will interact much more and cause damage, you are only looking at the sound, when it is a force that causes the actual issues.

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