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There are literally thousands of strumming patterns for the guitar. But all of them have a bunch of things in common. In this lesson, we’ll perfect your technique then combine the most important elements of strumming into one pattern that you can actually use in a musical way!

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10 thoughts on “The Single Most Important Guitar Strumming Pattern
  1. Anto Jovin says:

    Your facial features match Manuel Neuer a bit….

  2. joe doe says:

    Starting at 8:44 to 9:05 it doesn’t look like your left hand fingers are being lifted off the strings in order to mute them.

  3. Jason Hayward says:

    Excellent lesson. What kind and model guitar is that?

  4. Ver Nobleza says:

    Thank you.

  5. Liza Vaboo says:

    Finally I understand how to make a muted strum. Thank you much!

  6. smu Syed says:

    Thanks sir

  7. john kucharclk says:

    One thing I see in this lesson is he is teaching you how to count, “so important”. If your teacher dose not teach you how to count, get a new teacher. Count out loud when you are learning to strum this pattern, and when leaning new ones.

  8. Christine Anderson says:


  9. music pedia says:

    When i strum and switch between chords it sucks…
    Sounds like that they are in parts
    no rythm
    please recomend me..your one video where i can start….
    I can play all chords…even barre chords….
    Please sir as a teacher…
    please help your student

  10. J J says:

    8 weeks into playing & I can say the strumming is crucial. Repetition & counting(or a metronome)is also key..helps the motor memory(subconscious). I learned the chords for Hotel California but had trouble transitioning chords while trying to remember the strum..I repetitively learnt the strum & can see I’m getting slightly quicker at it. I think once u learn the chords you should concentrate with the strumming pattern.. repetitively, thts what I’m doing anyway. ✌🎶.

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