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In this video I review an all new model from Fender..FA125ce..the fender fa125ce and fender fa125 are same except that fender fa125 is non cutaway and comes without the fishman pickup(basically its a simple acoustic guitar).It has relpaced the famous fender cd60 which has now become cd60s( ‘s’ means solid top).
How does it sounds and does it lives upto the fender name..find out in this video.

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10 thoughts on “The Best Budget Fender Semi acoustic guitar-Fender FA125ce | Is It Worth the price??
  1. Funimation Unlimited says:

    So is it better than fender cd60s?

  2. Patrick Roe says:

    Good review….thanks!

  3. Riddhi Mridha says:

    Want a review of cort sfx10 and ibanez ew20

  4. AnimeZo says:

    What is a semi electric guitar ???

  5. Karan Baghla says:

    Yamha ya fender which is best…nd plz model of guitar which is best unde 11000

  6. Karan Baghla says:

    Yamha f310 best h ya frnder 125 acoustic guitar

  7. Karan Baghla says:

    Sir plz muje 11000 acoustic guitar suggest kro….

  8. s. Kumar says:

    Cort earth 50 mini ka review do

  9. Sudhanshu Kumar says:

    Which is best fender fa125 or Yamaha F310..

  10. Sudhanshu Kumar says:

    Which is better Yamaha f370 or fa125

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