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Martin D-42
Collings OM2H
Taylor 716CE spring ltd


In this video I am talking about my favorite acoustic guitars. The reason why I own them, the differences, what I use them for, how I got them, etc.
And the real message is: as long as you love your guitars it’s okay!

10 thoughts on “The 3 most beautiful guitars in the world!
  1. Paul Davids says:

    Yes! Finally a video about my guitar collection 🙂
    What is a guitar is on your wishlist?

  2. Mike Lee says:

    personally, i love taylor and lakewood designs the most, and the sound is Goodall and lakewood

  3. Dusan Rakojevic says:

    What is the song between 3:28-4:8 minutes?

  4. Augustine Coronado says:

    Freight Train by Elizabeth Cotten I believe. Great song from a beautiful African American folk singer.

  5. Josh Fernandez says:

    @7:52 Was that Coldplay’s Fix You? The guitars sounded so nice when you played it. Fantastic video, bro!

  6. Ted Hart says:

    Collings sounds best to me, hands down!

  7. Ruben Gomez says:

    That collings is completely amazing!!!what strings do you have on it

  8. David Beja says:

    Guild and Gibson acoustic guitars are my choices. Deeper and wider sound than Taylor and Martin.

  9. Dennis Chege says:

    I have a seventy dollar guitar sounds shitty

  10. Anthony ToTo O'Rourke says:

    Brilliant demo,  I now have a good idea as to what guitar I would love to buy next…….the Martin D 42.  The Taylor and Collings  are great guitars, but it’s the Martin for me.

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