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“Stevie just waking up then warming up. Insane how good can you really be that tired? Sub for channel updates 🙂 Original Source: This was filmed Jan 1986 by Greg Savage of Savage Guitar Design and is used with permission. Greg is an expert luthier, visit Greg’s page here:

“Please share, like, comment, and show interest in posting more of these old and rare recordings. These videos are intended to help keep Stevie’s memory alive and to introduce his great work to younger generations.   I have had many great messages from young people who are just now discovering this legend of modern blues.

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10 thoughts on “Stevie Ray Vaughan – Best Guitar Player – Sound Check – What?!
  1. GĂ©rard Graux says:

    SRV the best… Mais il faut virer l’ingĂ©nieur du son qui a Ă©tĂ© trop minable en particulier sur les micros du chanteur …
    A revoir sur d’autres vidĂ©os …
    Mais SRV reste le meilleur …In mĂ©moriam…
    AmitiĂ©s Ă  tous …

  2. anders karlsson says:

    lol i love it

  3. Carson Beisley says:

    did he record that first song if so whats the name?

  4. rodentcafeteria says:

    Most musicians show up for their sound check wearing just jeans and a tee shirt – not Stevie!!

  5. Wahtur says:

    What song was that opening lick from?

  6. Ann Linley says:

    Can you imagine what he would be if he had lived? The greatest ever.

  7. Tucson JJ says:

    Nah… Prince blows him away… check the vid at 3:20

  8. Malach211 says:

    Look 2.6k jealous guitar players thumbed down

  9. Newton Simoes says:


  10. gym shoe says:

    What time of day was this? I’m guessing it was in the afternoon, SRV has just woke up, most of the gear is set up but he needs to get his set-up, I guess the other musicians were roadies, pleased to get to play with him, even for a few minutes. When he switches to the blonde guitar you can see he’s liking the sound and he is inspired to sing a full song to an empty house just because it feels so damned good. He looks pretty wiped out but when he starts singing it becomes a magic moment, just him and the crew. I watch this video every few weeks and am knocked out every time.

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