The Single Most Important Guitar Strumming Pattern

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There are literally thousands of strumming patterns for the guitar. But all of them have a bunch of things in common. In this lesson, we’ll perfect your technique then combine the most important elements of strumming into one pattern that you can actually use in a musical way! This is just a sneak peek into Read More

AMAZING GRACE Fingerpicking Beginners – EASY 1 fingered G Chord

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Download the Free Amazing Grace Fingerpicking For Beginners Study Guide Here: If you are just a beginner and you want to learn how to fingerpick the guitar, why not learn the classic Christian Worship Hymn Amazing Grace at the same time! This “Beginner Friendly” Fingerpicking lesson is the first video of a New Series that Read More

What Guitar Size Should I Buy? – Dagans Guitar Size Guide

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Dagan walks us through the different guitar sizes, helps you find the perfect guitar size with his handy guitar buying guide and shows you how to choose a guitar. View a full selection of guitars over at PMT Online: What guitar size should I buy? Which is the right guitar for me? What’s the best Read More

Best First Guitar Lesson After Buying( Absolute Beginners) – Story Mode

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So most of so called beginners guitar lessons are both boring and lame.So your very first guitar lesson should show you the easiest way to learn guitar. Yeah so here are interactive guitar lessons to take off your pain for learning guitar online. So Here set with the Voyager going to 2011 and learn along Read More

Top 10 best acoustic guitar pickup

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List number 1: guitar pickup name: Portable Piezo Pickup for Guitar and Other Acoustic Instruments. List number 2: guitar pickup name: K&K Pure Mini Acoustic Guitar Pickup. List number 3: guitar pickup name: SODIAL(R) Complete Kit EQ Pre-Amp plus Pickup for Acoustic Guitar. This video is about Top 10 Best acoustic guitar pickup you will Read More

7 Guitar Gadgets You May Not Know About

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7 Guitar Gadgets You May Not Know About Links to all the Guitar Inventions In The Description Click [Show More ] Whether you are looking for a gift for a guitarist or a little something for yourself, this video will help you find the latest guitar gadgets maybe you never knew existed. ~*~ Guitar Gadgets Read More

Acoustic Guitar Ballad Backing Track A Minor

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Original instrumental jam track for musicians, guitarists, singers, players or to use as background music. Slow relaxing ballad. Complete with guitars, bass, drums and pads. Use and Copyright: You CAN FREELY: – use it as background music for your videos on YouTube without receiving a copyright notice/claim (if you do, please contact me), Soundcloud, Facebook, Read More

Top 10 BEST Male Acoustic Guitar Performances EVER | Got Talent Global

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Watch the TOP Best Male Acoustic Guitar Performances on Got Talent Global from some of the best covers to original songs! Who is your favourite Acoustic Singer? Let us know in the comments below.. Got Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to Read More

Top 10 things NOT to look for when buying an Acoustic Guitar – Part 2

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Check out our full range of Acoustic Guitars: … In Part 2 of this (very tongue in cheek) Professional Music Technology acoustic guitar buying guide, Sam and Meg run through the top 10 things to look for (or rather, not look for) when buying an acoustic guitar! We discuss (or rather debate) various tone woods, Read More