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Better Music’s Brodie ‘Brodes’ Schumann takes a look at a selection of our mini acoustics and gives you the rundown on what to look for and what to listen for, as well as giving his opinion on our best mini acoustic.

0:00 Intro/Taylor GS Mini
0:21 Overview
0:38 Martin LX1E Ed Sheeran
1:42 Maton EML6
3:03 Taylor GS Mini
4:32 Wrap up

Check out these guitars online!
Maton EML6 –
Taylor GS Mini –

Used in this video:
Roland R26 portable recorder

Miktek C5 (matched pair)

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition Music

Video Source: YouTube

10 thoughts on “Mini Acoustic Comparison – Taylor, Martin & Maton | Better Music

    This kid smacks the strings while strumming killing ANY tone or sound character. Get somebody who knows how to play for fug sake!

  2. Luis Janeiro says:

    Maton wins. TE #1

  3. Luke Skywalker says:

    maybe next time learn how to play

  4. Christoph Kaiser says:

    my thoughts are that the martin was the best. it had a warm sound

  5. MrTubeman007 says:

    Shame you can’t play anything but that stupid strumming.

  6. mctruckdriver says:

    The microphone sounded a bit muffled, was it turned off or possibly needs better placement.

  7. Banda Divina Luz says:

    Very good! The Wrap up in the end is very important! Tx!

  8. Zvonimir Tosic says:

    Taylor GS Mini in new Koa version sounds pretty remarkable..

  9. MrSitemaster2 says:

    Another thing to remember about Ed Sheeran”s guitar is that it’s not just built for its sound it’s built to take a beating. As Ed uses it as a drum kit in his live performances. He beats it with his knuckles, fist, fingers or the palm of his hand to get different drum sounds which are then repeated via a loop pedal.

  10. Sunny Lai says:

    Maton . yes! i”m buying this one

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