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Video Source: YouTube

10 thoughts on “Learning the Hardest John Mayer Riff
  1. Natie Four says:

    Can I have one of those pedals?? You’ve got tonnes!

  2. Dr. Casey Sanders says:

    It took so many thumb exercises to get that last chord down!

  3. Jason Tomlinson says:

    Watch “How to play neon.. where the light is style” on YouTube

  4. Akshay Tiwari says:

    lmao that thumb thing is actually something you do all the time playing baglama saz, an instrument I started playing a few months ago. I haven’t picked up the guitar yet but I’m planning on it… maybe that’ll make things a little easier? Still though, pretty daunting riff

  5. Adam Barone says:

    …when hard work finally pays off

  6. Martin Gibson says:

    No wonder it eluded you, John Mayer is exceptional on the gee tar. Great job.

  7. tarmizi abdul rahim says:

    Whaaa… John Mayer is an alien

    Or he broked his thumb.

  8. Kevin G says:

    That thumb. Damn.

  9. Harsh Jaiswal says:

    what guitar do you have?

  10. Joe Lee says:

    your not doing it exactly right. the guy on electric had it down. you only use 2 fingers on your right hand just like mayer. constant up and down rhythm

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