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How to record acoustic guitar on a budget. Warren Huart discusses importance of guitar choice, mic choice, and his personal favorite microphone position for recording acoustic guitar.

Produce Like A Pro is a website which features great tips to help the beginning recordist make incredible sounding home recordings on a budget.

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10 thoughts on “How to Record Acoustic Guitar – Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro
  1. Meep says:

    hiya warren, that’s so unfair, i just tried placing my road NT1-a mic in the place/places that you suggested (i tried them even on top of my head lol lol) and i realize ya was using a lewit mic, but its still not playing ball, im using a John Lennon EJ160 E acoustic guitar, the things quite bassy i guess, when you mic up your guitar its like all the little vibrations coming from the guitar just obay You and do what there told to do (there must be an application in that somewhere, err? no matter) Im gona have to move into a cave i just know it, warren, you rock, thank you kindly, and ill keep trying, kudos forever and ever..:)

  2. The Online Busker says:

    Doesn’t matter what I do I can’t get a good sound from my acoustic with a small diaphragm condenser. I don’t know if it’s the mic? (Rode M3) the guitar (Martin acoustic) or my playing…(probably as my strumming is really bad). I’ve tried this position, I’ve tried the 12th fret, close (3-4 inches) and far(12 inches) and still not a nice sound. It’s a BIT better when I use a large diaphragm but still nowhere near the sound you get here 🙁

  3. Vernon Tauro says:

    Why do you look like Elvis Presley?

  4. Roy van den Boorn says:

    Hi Warren. Thank you for all the fantastic content! I have a question. I want to specialize myself in recording traditional instruments like for example the Greek Bouzouki and Turkish Saz. Unfortunately there are zero English YouTube clips around. Do you have any experience with this and would you consider making a video on this subject? Thank you. Regards Roy.

  5. happy men says:

    Hello , do u want a arabic sub to your videos?

  6. Strong Bear says:

    Thanks for this video. It’s very helpful. When I record my guitar, for some reason it sounds a bit metallic. Even though I’m strumming lightly using a pick, when I play it back it has a very slightly tinny sound which seems to lack warmth. It’s as if it has lost some of its low end and bass. Although it certainly cuts through any other instruments, the sound can be quite tiring to listen to if it’s mostly strumming. It’s almost too cutting and bright, with the high end even slightly grating. It doesn’t feel relaxing to listen to, especially when it is the only instrument playing at the time. If I strum heavier, then the sound is even harsher.

    Am I doing something incorrectly? I’m putting the mic either between the 12th and 14th fret or the bit of wood diagonally left of the sound hole as you showed in your video. I’m also using a small diaphragm condenser mic (an AKG) and playing on a Tanglewood electro-acoustic.

    Is there anything else in post production I should do to give it a fuller and richer sound (eg with EQ) or should it already sound right from the start? Or are there any other adjustments I can make to get a better sound which doesn’t feel as tiring on the ear?

  7. Pherotone Studios says:

    Love this. An SDC is my go to for acoustic guitar but I’d always aimed it around fret 12 or where the neck meets the body to get the best sound. This is the first time i’d seen anyone aim a mic at the horn so obviously had to try it – what great results!

    Thanks Warren. It shows that no matter how much time you spend in a studio, you can always learn new tricks and that’s why I love this channel

  8. Artem Flash says:

    Hi Warren! Please tell, is this a dry or processed signal from guitar mic in this video? If it’s dry then It sounds really really great

  9. volvot5turbo says:

    Completely the opposite from what Graham from the recording revolution says. Which doesn’t help when I browse for advice….

  10. David Schram says:

    Warren, thanks for putting out the great content! I’m curious if you would consider covering recording acoustic guitar and vocals together. (aka the singing guitarist)

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