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Looking to learn acoustic and don’t know where to start? Today we go through the differences between steel & nylon string guitars.
Guitars we used;
Yamaha F310P Steel String:
Yamaha C40 Nylon String:

Video Source: YouTube

6 thoughts on “How to choose your first acoustic guitar | Better Music
  1. Adrian says:

    I like the way you talk with your accent..

  2. Sublime Artistry says:

    I have both of these guitars. Affordable high quality instruments.

  3. borri byunambomba says:

    I plan to buy one of these two.. i want c40 but f310 is awesome thou

  4. Nanang SWS says:

    Yamaha F310 or FS100C ???

  5. Koushik Singh Roy says:

    i was looking for such compereson

  6. Cool dude zeon says:

    I’m c40

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