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Welcome to video six of the Lead Guitar Quick-Start Series. In this lesson you are going to learn how to bend the guitar strings. Bending is an important technique that gives you new ways to express yourself on the guitar.

You are going to learn to play both half-step and whole-step bends. Then you’ll learn a few simple licks that make use of bends so you have a way to instantly apply everything you learn along with a jam-track.

When you are ready for the next lesson you can use this link to browse all of the videos in the Lead Guitar Quick-Start Series:

You can find the jam-track for this lesson here:

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10 thoughts on “How To Bend The Guitar Strings – Lead Guitar Lesson #6
  1. Warner Smith says:

    It would be good if you provided tab sheets for the licks you play over the sound track at the end.

  2. sue gates says:

    New to site,love it. Would like to see the notes being played,notes ect. How,where?

  3. Deep Sengupta says:

    can we practice for lead on an acoustic guitar???

  4. Eric Valverde says:

    jumbo frets and here we gooo!!!

  5. Eric Valverde says:

    ok, full bending….but how you do it with 12-56 gauge in Drop B?

  6. Rexy Jonathan says:

    About 5 years ago I learn stairway to heaven’s solo and i broke my 5th string, it was very traumatic. Since then i almost never bends for 1 full note from 1st-11th fret.

  7. John Tesoriero says:

    hi nate ,i love your lessons! i was wondering if you can give the tab for the ending that you play in lesson #6 at the 7 minute mark?? it would help so much, thankyou

  8. Mustafa Öztürk says:

    can someone tell me how can I get rid of getting scared to break string when bending…I feel so though to bend and when I go high I feel like the string is going to break so I cant give all of my power to string.

  9. Rajan Merlin says:

    God bless you for these videos they are so helpful and I started playing in my church

  10. josvani says:

    Great…i just broke a string -_-

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