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A basement workshop in Madrid is where beautifully crafted Conde guitars are made.

Video by Gloria Kurnik and Leila Hussain

MADE is a Bloomberg Digital Original series focusing on craftspeople and their premium wares, all made the hard way.

Video Source: YouTube

10 thoughts on “How a Flamenco Guitar Is Made
  1. - BnQE - says:

    Craftmanship – hopefully it will never die out …

  2. Manuel Bonet says:

    One hour later, 359 views.

  3. Ayden Burris says:

    Ooo, new video. I love playing flamenco guitar

  4. Gordon Bradley says:

    All of that by hand, and eye, and manual skill ?
    Incredible !

  5. b00034211 says:

    wonderful videography and story telling. loved it!! loved the intimate sounds of guitar making, the lady has a nice voice too. the way you played with the focus at 5:37, niiiiiiiice.

  6. Becoming Vincent says:

    well made

  7. Soufiane Gouiferda says:


  8. Jtrain Media says:

    Keep these coming Bloomberg!

  9. Asian Facility says:

    Is Conde guitar expensive

  10. C. Lincoln says:

    I can get you the same one made in China for just $150. Let me know bro…

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