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Stevie T reacts to and redeems this FAKE “acoustic” guitar solo! Let the SHREDemption begin!!

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Video Source: YouTube

10 thoughts on “Electric Guitar Solo… on Acoustic???
  1. Junade G says:

    3:27 lol that look he gave the guy🤣🤣🤣

  2. Sid Wilson says:

    That’s my dad holding those flowers. Leave him alone.

  3. doc0day says:

    Steve, you would be able to play the same way if you also used the capo on a zero fret! Стив, у тебя получилось бы так же сыграть, если бы ты тоже использовал каподастр на нулевом ладу!

  4. Beautiful Meeses Gaming says:

    Just an English comment passing by.

  5. TSB Nevada says:

    Great now we have to deal with all the Russian comments , please help

  6. 永遠にオペラ says:

    She says ‘ i am going to church to steal a bride ‘ in Russian

  7. Алексей Шарипов says:

    Это Россия , чувак
    Здесь такое всегда

  8. ירדו שוורץ says:

    Can you learn thedooo guitar solo #2 (guitar solos with dooo)?
    You can see it as a challenge

  9. João Tenorio says:

    i still love this solo

  10. WizardsOf12 says:

    It still works

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