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Check out this comparison between a carbon fiber guitar and a traditional wooden instrument!
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This is a comparison between a Stonebridge GS23-CR and a RainSong H-OM1000N2. Enjoy!

Video Source: YouTube

10 thoughts on “CARBON FIBER vs WOOD – Guitar Tone Comparison!
  1. SadMisterLOL says:

    You have a carbon fiber guitar? I’m so jelly!

  2. Jeffrey Douglas says:

    Struming the wood wins

  3. Tulsatom Bob says:

    Nice playing! The wood guitar definitely had a more full sound with a good bass response. I loved the overall tone also.
    My opinion is based on being a professional bass player for 35 years and owning a Martin D-35. Go figure…..LOL

  4. Rass B says:

    I love them both..

  5. Ja Ha says:

    Its weird but I don’t think very many guitars even sound good.

  6. jsantos1739 says:

    I think wood wins. It’s clear and bright

  7. Katie Johnson says:

    The wood has a much more warmer tone then the fiberglass…….which has a much more rich tone….from what I hear that is

  8. Mark Serafica says:

    is that a song you are playing or it is just an instrumental?

  9. gary schraa says:

    Darrell ~ Wow , youtube caught me drifting around not really  aiming  at anything ______ and the next thing you know I’m watching this comparison . I felt like I should stay unfocused and latch on to my first unbiased opinion . Which was , that the wood has been sort of trapped all these years holding it’s music inside .   All of a sudden  [ for me ]  along comes this carbon copy of wood guitars _____ and  it’s music is flying out with no restraint seemingly . Fact is you cant make heads or tails of it , where and how this sound is just there . Not emanating but just appearing there everywhere . And that’s what I think about it

  10. Prophet T says:

    Cf guitar has sharp treble.

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