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We try sweep picking and other guitar solo techniques… on a BASS! Thanks to Ernie Ball Music Man for the sexy new Sting Ray bass to shred upon!
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10 thoughts on “Can You SHRED On A BASS?
  1. SteveTerreberry says:

    Can you guess the famous basslines sprinkled throughout the vid!!? 😀

  2. Enrique Luna - Double Bassist and More says:

    Stevie Tereberry: Does something strange

    Me: 0:34

  3. Xwind99 says:

    But can you shred a keytar

  4. Braydon Perez says:

    Shred a harp damn it

  5. ROBLOXBEAST9811 YT says:

    1:43 I can see my boy playing Schism.

  6. Shark 321109 says:

    Davie 504 wants to know your location

  7. Hz Kun says:

    how can you be so good?

  8. KISS ARMY says:

    You should do love gun rom kiss

  9. Original bullet says:

    Stop doing weird faces

  10. Kalim Manigault says:

    I was literally thinking of schism and you played it

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