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For more creative ways
to learn blues guitar chords.

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Best Way To Learn Guitar – How To Play The Minor Blues Progression On Guitar

In this short video you will discover that the best way to learn
guitar is by hands on experience and without a doubt the very
best way to learn guitar is to play the blues; I will show you
how to play the 12 bar minor blues chord progression using
authentic easy-to-play blues guitar chords; these chord shapes
can be used to play many popular blues songs such as “The Thrill
Is Gone” by B.B. King; the minor blues chord progression is used
by many blues guitarist such as Robert Cray’s tune ‘Smokin’ Gun’
to create a contrast in their repertoire from the more common
twelve bar blues format that is based around major or dominant
seventh chord. In this video you will learn basic chord
substitution which creates an element of surprise for the
listened; these concepts will be developed in more depth in
another video however, I’m sure that you will get satisfaction
from being able to play interesting variations on the 12 bar
blues chord progression and the ideas will be useful in helping
you create your own individual blues guitar style; practice ,
practice, practice that’s the only way to be better on guitar and
the best way to learn guitar is by playing things that you enjoy.

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