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Looking for the best beginner bass amp that won’t break the bank? Look no further.

0:58 – Acoustic B15
2:13 – Eden EC10
3:12 – Ampeg BA-110
4:02 – Hartke HD75
5:40 – Fender Rumble 40
12:21 – And the winner is…

We scoured the planet in search of a practice amp that could deliver killer tone, plenty of punch, and is portable enough that you don’t need an army of roadies to move it. We found 5 contenders and then put them head-to-head to find the ultimate practice amp under $300.

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10 thoughts on “Best Beginner Bass Amp (Group Review)
  1. Hunter Hippensteel says:

    If you’re looking at ones under $300, the Fender rumble 100 is $299 and much louder than the 40, and it has a 12″ speaker.

  2. Robert Navrátil says:

    I bought Laney RB2 few years ago for circa $220 and it’s great too.

  3. Stefano romanox says:

    do you think i can use fender rumble40 to play with a batery? is it loud enough?

  4. HardWay 1 says:

    Tc electronic bam200 + Eden 4ohm ex112 cab=Mind completely blown that something can sound so good and hold it’s own alone for less than $500. Gotta get the 4ohm cab to unleash the tc electronic bam200 full potential. Awesome videos. Amazing bass playing.

  5. Leonardo Ross says:

    Are you saying that 250 is a low price? Fuck

  6. NewGunGuy says:

    Group of amps? ‘Cause I don’t see anyone else besides you…..

  7. daemonsca says:

    @BassBuzz Great video review. I really like your videos. I’m a newbie, learning a lot from your tutorials.
    What do you think of the Marshall Bass State B30? I picked up a used one for a great price.

  8. Raven Demo says:

    This is secretly just an ad for Fender. 🙂

  9. jnspincliffe2 says:

    Bought the Rumble 40 before the review even finished. Thanks!

  10. Alex Aguirre says:

    What kind of mic are you useing to capture the bass tone? It sounds really good.

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