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I receive this question recently:
I am looking for a guitar and I was wondering if I could have some guidance. I have honestly never played one but I want to learn. I want a Dreadnought Acoustic style guitar, I am kind of on a budget, I can’t spend a ton of money on it but I would like to get a good guitar. Thanks!

My answer:
Well – you’ve narrowed it down to a Dreadnaught Acoustic. That’s good. I’m sure you realize that “a lot of money” and”good guitar” are very subjective. However, since you are a beginner I think it would be reasonable for me to make some assumptions.

I’d suggest a price range of $200-300.
It’s tricky buying a used guitar. I’d stick with new one with a warranty from a reputable outlet.
The best “bang for buck” for beginner dreadnaughts are Yamaha, Takamine, Fender. Others include Seagull, Ibanez and Alvarez. I’m liking the Yamaha FG720S or the FG730S right now. That could change as new models come out.
Get a case! I don’t like hardshell cases cause of the weight. I’d recommend an Access (brand) Upstart (model) or Stage One (a little better model). Bought are fairly inexpensive, light weight and good protection.
Solid top vs. laminated top. Solid means the top of the guitar comes from one slice of wood. Laminated it’s several piece squished together like plywood. The short story is solid is better, but there are lots of factors that go into making a guitar. The Yamaha FG730S is a solid top.
If you purchase from a store have them look at the action (height of strings from the fretboard). If it’s high ask if they can adjust it. If they want to charge it’s probably worth it up to about $30. It will make the guitar much easier to play. I don’t recommend trying this yourself unless you are exceptional with mechanical stuff and are willing to study how to do it properly and also take some risk.
A couple of additional tips:

If the strings hurt your fingers put lighter strings on the guitar, or “Silk and Steel” strings. They are much easier on the fingers but don’t sound as good.
Take some lessons – either from a good private teacher or online with a good instruction system. It’s the beginning stuff that will either work for you or against you.

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10 thoughts on “Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners | Learn Guitar
  1. Rajesh Maharjan says:

    hi everyone ,if anyone else needs to find out about best online guitar lessons for beginners try *Barkola Guitar Player Blueprint* (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my m8 got great success with it. 

  2. Tomas Michaud says:

    Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners | Learn Guitar

  3. Tomas Michaud says:

    Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners
     #learnguitar  #guitar #guitarteacher  

  4. dale daniel says:

    What should i buy epiphone, fender or cort?

  5. Tomas Michaud says:

    Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners
    #learnguitar #acoustic #guitarlesson  

  6. Tomas Michaud says:

    Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners
    #guitar #acoustic #playguitar  

  7. Me. Adonis says:

    Really good video Tomas!!

    I want to buy a sigma 000m-1STE guitar, do you think its good for a beginner ????

    Thank you again

  8. Tomas Michaud says:

    Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners | Learn Guitar

    #guitar #acousticguitar #guitarlesson  

  9. Keith Spinney Music says:

    Epiphone Dr-100. $99. Plays great.

  10. Thomas Toth says:

    I think the best bang for the bunc is the Fender CD140s.

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