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Welcome to video two of the Lead Guitar Quick-Start Series. In this lesson you will learn about basic guitar picking techniques. This is important, because you want to avoid building any bad habits as you learn to play lead guitar.

We will start with some universal picking tips and then we will go into playing downstrokes, upstrokes, and using alternate picking. Always remember to stay loose and relaxed whenever playing lead guitar.

Ready for the next lesson? You can find all of the videos from the Lead Guitar Quick-Start Series organized in this YouTube playlist:

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10 thoughts on “Basic Guitar Picking Technique – Lead Guitar Lesson #2
  1. HANAN. Anand says:

    Hi Nate ! I am just a beginner and i am doing your quick start Lead Guitar series. I plan to follow these lessons very carefully and then decide for myself. Right now i plan to use my aquistic guitar for your lessons hope it’s ok ? ? ?
    Please let me know your take on this ?
    Thanks in advance !

  2. KUNDAN PANDEY says:

    can u shut up and play??? offence pls

  3. cttballer23 says:

    Thanks for the video. How do you think alternate picking fairs with economy picking?

  4. Richard B. Davis says:

    We need more videos on us beginners on picking please . We can’t learn cords and lead, without proper picking.

  5. Emiterio Castillo says:

    hey men i am a lead guitarist too!!! i just decided to look at other lead guitarist but no offense bro you talk too much.

  6. Niketa Lemoth says:

    Thanks for explaining and also modeling. This really helped me



  8. Robin Cheng says:

    Hi, thanks for the great video. Is there a reason you are resting your palm against the strings while you pick?


  9. Steven Santos says:

    People, he didn’t make this video just for you. If my son wants to learn he has certain questions and this guy probably answered them and more. Don’t waste your time to watch it let alone comment. Maybe YOU talk too much when you comment. The info is free and you could be more appreciative. If not, stfu and move on.

  10. Comfort Devera says:

    You are good bro. Thanks a lot, u really helped.

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