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Many guitar players have no idea how to know once they’ve successfully completed the “beginner” stage of playing guitar. When do you officially become an intermediate guitar player? In this guitar lesson, Nate Savage will answer that but going through a list of things you need to do successfully to call yourself a certified intermediate guitarist.

To be considered an intermediate player, you’ll need to be able to do the following:
– Know and be able to change smoothly between your fundamental open chords.
– Know power chords and be able to move them around cleanly.
– Know the basic Major and Minor bar chord shapes.
– Know the note names on the Low E and A strings.
– You’ll need to have all the basic strumming patterns down.
– Be able to play along to a metronome.
– Hear and match Major and Minor chords.
– Hear and identify the keys of simple songs.
– Understand music theory for keys and chords.
– Play through several complete songs.
– Play the Blues scale.
– Play the Major scale.
– Play the Major Pentatonic Scale.
– Play the Minor Pentatonic Scale.
– You’ll need to know basic lead technique: Picking, Bending, Sliding, & Vibrato.
– Depending on your goals you may need to be able to read music.

Obviously, there are a lot of things here you need to get down before you can call yourself a true intermediate guitar player. Treat this lesson like your checklist. Go through each bullet point and check them off as you go. By the time you’re done, you’ll be a well-rounded intermediate guitarist!

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10 thoughts on “Are you an intermediate guitar player? Here’s how to know.
  1. Dickey D.O.C says:

    Bruh if you know the notes on 2 strings on a SIX string guitar then it’s 1 third goofy

  2. Kaiser Em Syn says:

    I have almost all of the quality you mentioned… Except for the Theory shit… Reading sheets… I’m 0 at it..

  3. War pig hammer Jr says:

    Man I suck . I can play all of hotel California even the solo but according to u I suck I quit.

  4. Phillip says:

    I can play the intro to stairway to heaven – I’M A GUITAR GOD!!!

  5. Awais Khan says:

    so i got the answer after watching this i am still a beginner oh gosh…………………..weeping weeping

  6. Ray Helton says:

    Damn, I’ve been playing for over 30 yrs, toured the east coast twice, released 1 demo and 2 albums and I didn’t make it past the first thing (changing open chords clearly/cleanly). LOL.

  7. Anthony Rolfes says:

    Classify me as a Beginermediate:) lol. Great vid. Thanks!

  8. eric6rock says:

    No 😔

  9. Leonard Winchester says:

    I must agree that the ability to read music, as a prerequisite to join the intermediate ranks is subjective, to say the least. I’ve known many people in the 58, yes, 58 years, (and still playing) the guitar who read music like a pro.Yet if they don’t have a sheet of music to go by, they freeze, they have no ear.
    Whether jamming or performing, the ability to play is about talent, interpretation, timing, anticipation, feel, personalizing your style and appreciation for what your trying to express.
    Anyone can learn chord shapes and music theory, but still lack the TALENT. Fortunately there are a boundless number of guitar players with these assets.
    Beginning, intermediate and professionalism will come. It depends on you and the level you choose to respond.
    Some of the most talanted players I’ve known couldn’t read a lick of music and could care less. Having an ear and reading, now, that’s a real plus.

  10. FaZe BurR says:

    I’ve been doing guitar for two months now and I’m almost intermediate (need to improve bar/power chords). I watched this video about a week in to learning guitar and got about 1 minute in and lost track. If I could’ve seen myself now back then I would never believe it. Can’t wait to learn piano next or maybe electric guitar or bass. Any tips?

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