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Guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela combine furiously fast riffs and dazzling rhythms to create a style that draws on both flamenco guitar and heavy metal in this live performance of their song, “The Soundmaker.”

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10 thoughts on “An electrifying acoustic guitar performance | Rodrigo y Gabriela
  1. Gb Crowne says:

    Glad to see them playing for a different audience!

  2. Ronald Petrin says:

    Wow these guys can play this tight acoustically…and be electric without electricity. If these guys ever play at remote settings such as national parks or the AT?People will come. What are the acoustics like in a cave?

  3. Mark Drouin says:

    Wow awesome !!

  4. Steven says:

    Standing Ovation if ever there was!

  5. Yahshua q says:

    We’re they from?

  6. Enki Lord says:

    The rate between likes and dislikes speakes for all….no drums,no vocals,no dj … No comments thumbs up for real music!!

  7. Myles Adams says:

    Awesome!,tenacious D if they were a serious band 🙂

  8. Gary G says:

    wow, just wow!

  9. Yahuchanonyakov says:

    Shredding on classical guitars…I like it!!

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