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Download the Free Amazing Grace Fingerpicking For Beginners Study Guide Here:

If you are just a beginner and you want to learn how to fingerpick the guitar, why not learn the classic Christian Worship Hymn Amazing Grace at the same time! This “Beginner Friendly” Fingerpicking lesson is the first video of a New Series that shows you everything you need to know to Play Amazing Grace and then some! .

Although this Amazing Grace Fingerpicking For Beginners video is only 4 minutes, the course which is free for everyone is more than just a how to play Amazing Grace Youtube Video…While learning the song, we will be learning Chords and guitar technique, solve almost any of the problems you may be having while trying to learn, and also learn how to play Amazing Grace by using this one simple but musical right hand pattern that is common to many thousands of other songs.

First ,we will learn step by step the right hand waltz time fingerpicking pattern which provides an infinite amount more beauty than strumming. If you always wanted to learn how to play fingerpicking guitar, than this series will provide you with the solid foundation you need.

Next we will learn simple but effective guitar chords for beginners, as we will have the option of using a 1 fingered G Chord for this song. Since we only pluck certain strings, you will see that the standard G chord position and 4 fingered version is not necessary. You may already be comfortable with either of these two standard G Chords (and we will learn those chords too in this course) but beginners will be happy to know that an easier 1 fingered G Chord is all that’s needed.

Although Amazing Grace is considered one of the easy Christian Guitar Songs, we will spend the right amount of time focusing on how to change chords smoothly, which is the biggest problem beginners have when trying to learn how to play fingerpicking guitar, or any style of guitar. And rather than playing by yourself and following the Amazing Grace guitar tab, the course features play along videos: which you can practice with. Of course, the study guide includes the sheet music and tab!

Most students main objective is to be able to Sing and Play Amazing Grace- this course will help you do just that and also help you find the perfect key to sing. Even though we are learning Amazing Grace guitar chords in G, we are going to learn how to easily change keys according to the range of your particular voice.

And for those of you that are completely new to guitar and want to learn, the study guide contains all the basics you will need to get going including, learning tab, learning the G, C and D Chords from the ground up, best techniques for easy playing, and an overall FUN and easy learning experience. Course is designed to leave no one behind, and if you are struggling, you will be playing before too long and not even remember how difficult it was.

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10 thoughts on “AMAZING GRACE Fingerpicking Beginners – EASY 1 fingered G Chord
  1. qsbarrtube says:

    You are sooo patient!!

  2. Steve Anthony says:

    Hi Bob, I am excited for the rest of this course. I looked forward a bit to see what is coming. This could be my first opportunity to work with a looper I have had for months, looking for a project. I’m still deciding weather to use a mic or get my guitar amplified. I’m looking at an LR Baggs kit. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. Alyse Mink says:

    Awesome!thank you! You are a great teacher

  4. john beall says:

    Bob, do you use a picking hand anchoring style?

  5. lourdes dalip-o says:

    thank you for having patience to teach how to play guitar especially to a beginner like me,God bless u more.

  6. Isaac Chesbro says:

    Bob you are the best guitar player I ever seen and this is the only guitar vidieo I watch!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Maxim Petrov says:

    I discovered a great compilation of videos that will help you at Worship Fixer Formula

  8. Pera Peric says:

    I’ve been studying worship guitar secrets online and discovered a fantastic website at Worship Fixer Formula (google it if you’re interested)

  9. Albina M says:

    wonderful music

  10. yandeni says:

    Hello Bob, II am reassured to see that that you respond faithfully to the comments of your fans, despite all the worries on your road lately. I hope you’re doing better and we’ll see you back soon.
    There are always things to learn by reworking old songs. I undertook a perilous exercise based on Amazin Grace: adding the melody notes to the fingerpicking track inTuxGuitar. Maybe did you intend to make such a version.
    So I tried to synchronize the melody and the arpeggios and mix all in one single tab. This is a very good exercise that allowed me to better understand the structure and so to play both tracks simultaneously. Not too bad but there is certainly a way to improve and spice up this work, but it is a 1st step. We miss you and think of you!

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