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Here is a video review I have made for the Alvarez ABT60 Acoustic Baritone guitar. This Alvarez Baritone guitar has a very dark and unique voice as you will see from this video and is part of Alvarez’s award winning Artist series of instruments.

To see more about Alvarez guitars just click the following link

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10 thoughts on “Alvarez ABT60 Acoustic Baritone Guitar Review – A Brilliantly Moody Sounding Acoustic Guitar
  1. tristannolan85 says:

    only thing i dont like about this one is all the fret buzz. dont get that with the taylor. obviously ten times the price lol just sayin

  2. Viviane Tirone says:

    Where is it made?

  3. christopher callaghan says:

    Nice review, thanks Danny

  4. Preston Frederick says:

    “as you play this instrument you can feel it vibrating inside you”
    xD. that was deep. ha ha ha. i love this review. i think i’m gonna love this guitar. good stuff.

  5. Jamie Hand says:

    Danny i have this guitar and i replaced the nut&saddle with bone and got tusq bridge pins, plus i put on martin strings instead of the daddario, made the world of difference! it’s got great clarity and sounds more awesome than it first did. just trying to help from one player to another šŸ˜‰

  6. Helvetica Standard says:

    What songs are you playing? Would love to learn those riffs.

  7. Alan Floyd says:

    where do you get strings for that?

  8. Ren Esho says:

    Andy Mckee is that you? lol

  9. Bo88y Beretta says:

    Just stumbled upon baritone acoustics, like what I’m hearing so far. I am Not a fan of the baritone electrics but this has definitely peaked my interest. Thank you for making this video, I appreciate it.

  10. sraka gensta says:

    what is the name of this extra thicc melody that he is playing on 2:15 ??? plz help

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