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Acoustic instrumental pop rock country folk guitar backing track in the key of C major (Ionian) with a common chords progression. Jam track for guitar, singers, players and musicians or as soundtrack for video makers. These tracks are free for personal use. Use and Copyright:

– use it as background music for your videos on YouTube without receiving a copyright notice/claim (if you do, please contact me), Soundcloud, Facebook, Vimeo, VK, live performances or for teaching (credits are always appreciated)

– sell music that contains this recording, release it through a record label or distributor, sound recording is copyrighted β„— and content ID registered. The tracks are already released. This is nothing personal, I have already given licences and serious problems with copyright claims have occurred.

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Sound recording, arrangement, instruments, playing, recording, mix and mastering by Nick Neblo Β© β„— All Rights Reserved

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9 thoughts on “Acoustic Rock Guitar Backing Track C Major
  1. Abhik Shrestha says:

    I wrote a song, that follows C, D and E minor and Am. Could you tell me if we are using same type of chords?

  2. Saptarshi Sengupta says:

    Loved this one!..thanks so much!!

  3. sempei58 says:

    Hey Nick…good stuff.Maybe you should have a link where ppl can upload to your channel so that you and others can hear what they have come up with lyrics/vocal recordings with your tracks

  4. kim jin ho says:


  5. Johannes Brahms says:

    Andy Timmons

  6. aome Gigurachi says:

    Amo la guitarra y la musica 🎸🎸🎼

  7. Frankurt says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing this. I’m a new suscriptor now, greetings from Argentina!

  8. Boloh! says:


  9. Tano Simonetti says:

    Axl Rose …uuuuuuuuh ….welcome to the jungle baby

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