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Hello Guys!
I am uploading my first tutorial. In this tutorial, I will teach you, How to strum well. This strumming tutorial is in Hindi as well as in Urdu. For the first time Strumming Tutorial in Hindi. Acoustic guitar strumming tutorials in Urdu. Acoustic Guitar Strumming Patterns, Acoustic Guitar strumming tricks, acoustic guitar strumming exercises, acoustic guitar strumming patterns for beginners, Acoustic guitar strumming techniques, acoustic guitar strumming songs, acoustic guitar strumming instrumental, acoustic guitar strumming sound effects, acoustic guitar strumming tips,
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Hope you will find something new in this video.
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Guitarist: Mubashir (Mubi)
Video By: Abdul Wahab


Video Source: YouTube

2 thoughts on “Acoustic Guitar Strumming Tutorial Urdu/Hindi II Strum Like Professionals – By Mubashir Arshad
  1. Malik Ahtasham says:

    Nicely done…Very helpful. 😍

  2. malik usman says:

    good mubassir

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