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I think I only played Lady Madonna once in public. It’s away from my usual acoustic blues guitar style and I’ve lost the touch a bit after not playing it for a year or so. It’s great fun to play and also a good way to improve thumb control.

Whatever finger picking guitar style we prefer, thumb control is going to improve whatever we do. For example, it allows us to be more creative and maybe walk up the basses instead of alternating bass strings or just hitting one bass string all the time.

Don’t get me wrong – some of the best acoustic blues guitar ever uses a monotonic bass line, but it’s good to explore all the possibilities. There’s nothing difficult in either the bass or melody lines, but putting it together is a challenge which brings heaps of satisfaction.

All you need to do is practice and make that godawful decision – do you want a social life or work towards being a guitar god? Ah well, life’s never simple.


Take it easy, have fun

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10 thoughts on “Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons – Thumb Control Lesson #23 – Lady Madonna Part 1
  1. Chris Howe says:

    wonderful Jim – I am still trying to work through your blues lessons – slowly!

  2. Wai Tat, Antony Ng says:

    Very nice! Hope you can teach some more good Beatles songs like ob la di ob la da  : )

  3. MrJimzovich says:

    Nice arrangement, Jim.

  4. Dragan Jankovic says:

    I like blues

  5. icespeckledhens says:

    Thanks Jim. Nice to hear the old songs again

  6. David John says:

    Thanks very much Jim. Great help

  7. 2009framat says:

    sounds great

  8. James Walmsley says:

    that was great Jim

  9. Francesca Edesia says:

    Much more cheerful than the original, great version!

  10. Zacattack says:

    Jim. I was just kind of thumbing through some fingerpicking , and I will give you a thumbs up for the mastery of your thumb. See, seriously I play guitar good, but this fingerpicking side I missed until now. It’s very humbling , and is a seriously tasty slice of the musical pie. I edit to add, that you seem to be a local chap. Thanks for the lesson, it was bob on

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