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Blues Guitar Lessons

Seasick Steve’s version of Lonesome I could Cry is a masterpiece of understatement (whatever that means).

Played in open D, it’s easy to play – the challenge is to try and make it as powerful as his version – try it out! There’s a link to the tab at the end of the video.


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Blues Guitar Lessons

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10 thoughts on “Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons – Seasick Steve Guitar Lesson
  1. Tom Pollock says:


  2. jay byrd says:

    that was great.  early blues and country shared a lot in the early days. 

  3. Worldwide Ghosts says:

    Hi Jim, sounds beautiful.  Another excellent post!

  4. Tom Madden says:

    If seasick steve isn’t a fantastic guitar player then I don’t know who is

  5. MrLinky06 says:

    Did not see a link to the tab, could someone help?

  6. itchybonkeycuckoo says:

    Where’s the link for the tab?

  7. R Smith says:

    listening to it on my iplayer now…then it went on to 8 ball……………!
    I’ve seen Seasick Steve live and what a great night it was…

  8. Tom Ward says:

    I can only say …wow! Such a pretty piece of music.If I had only known the original I could not have fallen in love with this song.First time I heard this was by Seasick Steve Wold and he knocked me dead with the heartfelt blues he pulled out of that guitar.It is the timing I think that is very effective.Practice for me is so difficult and I use a slide only but the right hand is having trouble talking to the left.A ton of crosstalk going on in my brain.I will keep at it even as I realize almost anyone can play guitar better than I ever will.Thank you for putting it out there Jim and breaking it down for us to see it in slow motion.

  9. Karl Close says:

    i’d like to hear you trying to play blues on an electric guitar? i bet you suck!! how dare you say Seasick Steve is not a great guitarist!.

  10. Louizu Lain says:

    Still need the tab 🙁

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