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There are many reasons to explore fingerstyle technique on the guitar. Fingerstyle is a useful skill to have when accompanying another player (like writing moving melodies over someone else’s open chords), or during a solo acoustic guitar performance. To get you started, we’ll be going over 8 important fingerpicking patterns everyone should know.

In this lesson, you’ll learn essential techniques like rolling and alternating bass patterns. You’ll recognize these in many other patterns you’ll learn in the future, so it’s important to nail them down early.

Don’t feel like you need to memorize all of the patterns we go over here. Grab a few that you think you’ll use, and add them to your daily practice routine. As you master those patterns, feel free to come back to this lesson and add a couple more to your repertoire.

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10 thoughts on “8 Fingerstyle Patterns You Must Know
  1. Ambarish Roul says:

    Amazing finger style lesson . Thank you Nate 🤟

  2. freesk8 says:

    There is a nice picking pattern in Landslide by Stevie Nicks. Here are the strings I pick in order: A G D B A G D repeat…

  3. deloincec says:

    Thanks for the lesson. Very clear one and the music sheets help a lot. A question though, I try to rest my wrist on the guitar hoping to relax it but when I do so the angle seems strange and my shoulder doesn’t feel confortable neither. Any advice about that ?

  4. Rebirth 4Life says:

    Beautiful loving it ..bro very sassy 👌😉👍

  5. Christopher Powell says:

    Still none yet! YES

  6. Henry Neufeld says:

    Thank you very much for the lesson. I have a question, how can I apply it to a song or which fingerstyle for a song, if i only have Sopran, alt, tenor and bass notes.. Thank you

  7. Rini says:

    wow , amazing video, thank u so much !

  8. Karen Woods says:

    Love that you have fingerstyle lessons. Worked through each of the patterns and might use some to warm up. Always nice to get new patterns to work on.Working on Dust in the Wind. Have intro and verse down but can’t get it to sound like the song. Also working on Landslide by Fleetwood Mac.

  9. Christopher Powell says:

    Almost a week later still none! My wish came true

  10. Divyansh Anand says:

    Its almost a week…very helpful lesson,thnku so much😁btw last type of pattern was cool…i was thinking if there’s any pattern for countryside genre??

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