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ACOUSTIC GUITAR MADE EASY – The best way to get started on the acoustic guitar:

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This online guitar lesson covers seven mistakes guitar players make and how to correct them. These tips apply to guitarists of all skill levels from complete beginners to experienced professionals.

If you are just getting started on the guitar, these tips are going to help you avoid bad practice habits so you can make progress faster. If you’ve been playing for a while, these tips are going to help you get some bad habits out of your practice routine, so you can make faster progress too.

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10 thoughts on “7 Mistakes Guitar Players Make – Online Guitar Lessons
  1. Amanda S says:

    seven mistakes? i can make a lot more than that

  2. Keerthana Priya says:

    Wow….this was a helpful video. It really helped me move forward with my guitar lessons. Thank you Nate.

  3. marina mari says:

    I discovered a good compilation of videos that will help on Worship fixer formula

  4. It’s not a phase, mom! says:

    999 comments. I’m OCD. Go figure.

  5. Charles Ivey says:

    Thanks! Very useful!

  6. juStOdDraY says:

    I guess rip my nails

  7. Marcus Vinnas says:

    8. Watch this video

  8. rheaume rube says:

    Mistakes I made when started learning ,was listening to ignorant show off pricks that cut you up , ridicule your playing and put you down . You feel like shit , but I decided to keep going ,I saw A JEFF HEALY report once where HE stated that the bastards that told him he was no good and would not accomplished anything ,HELPED HIM and his band The MOST ( true story ) . That give me a uplift and look where our BLIND ! don’t forget ,,,CANADIAN JEFF HEALY took his music and his band . One of the best,, R I P JEFF I still listen to you ! And we miss you terribly !

  9. Stoney Shibu says:

    Why do people advertise video series from their websites on YouTube ?!

    Wouldnt it make more sense to just post it to youtube?

    Isnt that where all the viewer traffic is?

  10. Braian Jimenez says:

    i doble dare this madqafaca to say that i cant swalow a whole beefsteck in one piece at my fase

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