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Lots of electric guitarists like to switch things up by picking up an acoustic guitar, ditching the pick and play some fingerstyle stuff.

These are 5 simple tips for improving your tone when you move from playing with a pick on the electric guitar to playing finger-style on the acoustic guitar.


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10 thoughts on “5 Tips For A Better Fingerstyle Tone
  1. Jack Ung says:

    Best video on fingerstyle tips and techniques so far! Subscribed!

  2. keith newby says:

    thanks for posting.. but as an almost entirely fingerstyle acoustic guitar performer i disagree with your first point. The one about keeping the heel of your picking hand lifted away from the strings. .. What in fact will happen.. if you’re playing at significant volumes (as opposed to at home unplugged) .. is that your acoustic guitar’s bass strings are gonna be itching to feed back… (certain pedals like zoom a3 can help fight that urge with their low feed back settings) but generally… you’re gonna need that dampening ability to cut that feed back out. . your video is great by the way… thanks for sharing.. viva la fingerstyle 🙂

  3. Yunus Emre Özaydın says:

    omg man thanks i’ve hust started fingerstyle and my fingers getting sore and tone was slightly muddy thanks for this video

  4. Rejy Johney says:

    Pure gold.

  5. Murray Poole says:

    Hi Steve. So enjoying and learning from your lessons. I have just recently pretty much replaced the use of a flat pick with a thumb pick and love the flexibility and sound that this offers. Do you think it is possible to use your fingerstyle technique with a thumb pick? I realize that there is going to be an effect on tone and volume, but do you think with practice one could compensate in that regard so as to be acceptable? Thanks much!

  6. Tom Goldsmith guitar says:


  7. Robert Alexander says:

    A bit like that, Awesome!

  8. Randy Schartiger says:

    wow you deserve a lot more subscribers than you have! your playing and teaching is awesome!

  9. Eason Loh says:

    Do I need nails playing acoustic guitar?My finger keeps interfere with the other strings.Nice video by the way.

  10. kenmare16 says:

    Just found you on YouTube Steve. Great videos. For someone just starting out learning guitar (like me) who wants to play finger style, are there any special considerations to keep in mind when selecting the best guitar to play with the fingers. I notice you play steel string, both acoustic and electric. These usually have a narrower nut width than a nylon string classical guitar normally associated with finger style playing. So is a wider nut width than the usual steel string guitar nut width of 42 to 43mm necessary or is this width adequate?

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