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In this video I’m sharing 5 of my best tips to give you a boost on the acoustic guitar. Tips ranging from beginner to more advanced!




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Hi, my name is Paul Davids! I am a guitar player, teacher, producer, and overall music enthusiast from the Netherlands! I try to inspire people from all over the world with my videos, here on YouTube.

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10 thoughts on “5 MUST KNOW tips for your acoustic playing!
  1. Paul Davids says:

    One little addition to #3: of course it can sometimes sound good and make transitions sound nice and fluent. But very often it sounds just bad. It’s more about the ‘messy and accentuated’ combined with open strings. Not just the open strings themselves.
    See point 5.1, do you notice I’m keeping it clean? All I’m saying is be careful not to smack it into everything, because it’s difficult to get it out of your system 🙂

  2. Hans Von Mannschaft says:

    Whoah! We just got some great guitar tips from King George V himself! Thanks sire, great video! 🙂

  3. bolek szemplinski says:

    In the number five you used the elements you excuded in number 3. How come?

  4. godwin ferin says:

    i wish to buy my first guitar soon….i inspire you paul davids thank you for your works!they are awesome i’ve seen most of it….

  5. godwin ferin says:

    especially the dramatic entrances damn they are cool!

  6. Marilyn manson says:

    you sud have focus camera straight

  7. Savagebeast893 says:

    I love playing acoustic more if I had to pick between itself and eletric. Playing acoustic is so calm and I play for the same reason, it calms me down.

  8. Manas Tiwari says:

    Awesome video bro

  9. RcTStudio says:

    1:59 guys, what is it ? I like it 😀

  10. Takam Tagi says:

    Finger style lesson pllz

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