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1- Tensing and twisting the wrist while strumming
Strumming motion begins at the elbow with just a little movement of the wrist. The most important thing it to RELAX the arm and just have enough tension to hold on top the pick

2- Picking is a small motion that should be done with movement of the wrist only
Resting the wrist is optional, but I think it will help most people be more accurate with their picking

3- Putting chord fingers down one at a time
Try making the shape of the chord with your fingers before putting the fingers down

4- Not knowing where the beat falls and understand ‘ghost strums’ (hand movements that you don’t strum)

5- Not building a repertoire of songs

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10 thoughts on “5 Mistakes Beginners Make When Learning Guitar Online
  1. ArticStare says:

    He dropped his pick

  2. geoffrey morgan says:

    Thanks man

  3. David Travis says:

    Excellent advice some of the best I’ve seen for beginners

  4. Debbie Kimani says:

    Wow! Awesome!!
    Having you as a teacher would be an ace!!😀

  5. Eddlyn Fabia says:

    THANK YOU 😍👍👍 i’ve been learning guitar these past few days and i always watch your videos and tutorials and i’m proud to say i’ve improved a lot 😁

  6. It's Just Janine says:

    This video really helped me. Thank you so much.

  7. Matthias Lindbom says:

    i might have fallen for the last one, my go to song was house of the rising sun

  8. Rage of the Turnip says:

    Does the fella know that people’s chord changes naturally get faster as they learn?

  9. Michael King says:

    I never understood how people can play holding the pick like that..every lesson I watched as a kid when I was starting off stated you had to pick that way as well.I said no and learned to play just by pinching the pick between my thumb and finger , literally looks like I’m throwing the ”okay” sign but it works and it gave me a lot more control. For fast alternate picking I sorta have to do a mix of both tho, like half and half

  10. Don't read my profile pic says:

    But is it a mistake to djent?

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