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This video shows you how to play the F chord. In fact it shows you a bunch of ways to play it!

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10 thoughts on “3 Ways of Playing F Chord – Guitar Lesson – Guitar for Beginners Stage 6 [BC-161]
  1. Lisandro Iguinis says:

    Dude, thank you very much you helped me a lot.

  2. B Charan Sindhe says:

    F-Chord Sounds Very Good But Its Equally Hard To Get It.

  3. Brian Speer says:

    Thank you this really helped me, I was trying to use the flat of my finger and you just fixed that. Really appreciate it!

  4. Xyosyss says:

    Thank you, Justin!


    I tried this and ya nope. Not happenin

  6. HadoxxTheTsar says:

    im just having trouble barring the B chord

  7. Mike Tatum says:

    This chord hurts!

  8. M! Na says:

    I think the tip that will make you play it right away is make sure you’re pressing well (with you 1st finger) on 1st, 2nd and 6th strings rather than all of the strings.

  9. alex says:

    Help I am a small year 9 girl playing a guitar I borrowed from my 18 year old huge cousin it’s too big 😒

  10. Lit says:


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