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The finger position for the B major chord is one of the most difficult for my students. At the same time it’s both useful and, at times, necessary. Here are 3 of the easiest and best sounding ways to finger the B major chord on guitar.

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Take your time and keep coming back at it. You can do it. If I get enough requests I’ll also post an exercise to help practice changing from the B major chord to other chords that are commonly used with it.

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10 thoughts on “3 Easy(iest) B Chord Guitar Finger Position – Beginning Guitar
  1. Anitha bh says:


    But I don’t let it happen 😁😂

  2. monalisaparking says:

    For the third form….What I did was… Not sure if this is cheating but my second top section of the finger isn’t big enough to bar 3 strings… I kind of pushed all of them closer together xD and then it worked…

  3. WSWEss says:

    i dont wanna break my finger like you

  4. Rory Williams says:

    Is it weird that everyone’s complaining about the third chord, but I found it the easiest besides the first chord? The second one was impossible!

  5. ImAnOcean says:

    im a climber and playing a major is already hard for me but a barre with 3 fingers next to each other ugh…there is not enough space

  6. udi112 says:

    thanks now i can play the b chord

  7. David Fouche says:

    This short lesson is definetily going to help me. Thanks and keep on teaching !

  8. Scarlet Grey says:

    My back hurts 😂😂😂 joke thanks for the advice though

  9. iiachii _ says:

    my hands are to fucking small for the second one

  10. ganesh dutt kandpal says:

    Very aswome

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