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There are hundreds of possible chords you can learn on the guitar. But do you need to learn all of them? Of course not. In this video lesson, Nate Savage is here to show you the twenty chords you should know as an intermediate guitar player.

The guitar chords you’ll learn are the D/F# chord, G/B chord, C/E chord, A/C# chord, Dsus4 chord, Dsus2 chord, Asus4 chord, Asus2 chord, A Major 7 chord, G Major 7 chord, D Major 7 chord, A minor 7 chord, G minor 7 chord, D minor 7 chord, G7 chord, C9 chord, G power chord, D6 chord, and F# minor 7b5 chord.

It’s important that you download the PDF chord chart for this video. By the end of the lesson, you should have a solid grip on slash chords, suspended chords, major 7 chords, minor 7 chords, dominant 7 chords, and a few others. You now have all the tools to learn the majority of songs in almost any genre. Congratulations!

20 Chords For Beginners:

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10 thoughts on “20 Chords Every Intermediate Guitar Player Needs To Know
  1. GuitarLessons says:

    You asked for it… So here it is! Hope you enjoy the video. Which of these new chords is your favorite?

  2. artsymamanana says:

    Thank you! This is stuff nobody tells us, the movable ones are awesome

  3. Anton Karandeev says:

    I don’t think it was wise to conflate maj7 and m7 into one group. It gives an impression that “major” and “minor” in those chords refer to one thing, while “major” in the former refers to the 7th, and “minor” in the latter refers to the triad.

  4. Yogen Rai says:

    Some of the minor seventh , dominant seventh and 6th, 9th are totally new. Please make a video on which chords are used in which genre of music.

  5. Scott Riggleman says:

    Thank you Sir! I’ve used most of these chords for years but now I’m finally working to memorize their proper names.

  6. CuNt WiTh A bLuNt says:

    I knew all of these exept that 6th shape I used the A shape

  7. Dick Heiney says:

    dude IM THE ONE WHO IS GOOD at guitar. get over it

  8. HeyItsAndrei says:

    Do this for rock chords PLEASE !!!

  9. Sibtain Abbas says:

    4:57 Hello nate,i am struggling hard on A major shaped movable chords these. The problems i faced doing this are i cant bend my ring finger which does not makes a proper bar on all three strings. plz help me or make a video on that.

  10. Lexaneus Roxas says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH SIR! it helped me… 🙂

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