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Dagan shows us what to look for when buying second hand guitars and the things you need to know before buying a used guitar.

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In this video we find out Dagan’s top 10 tips for buying used guitars, including what to look for on the neck, the electronics and the playability of the guitar.

In addition to showing us how to buy a used guitar, Dagan shows you some signs to look for that may indicate a guitar may be a fake, may have been kept in poor condition and when to walk away from a deal that is too good to be true.

Whether you’re looking for a second hand Gibson Les Paul, a second hand Fender custom shop or any other type of guitar, this is the checklist you need to be aware of before you hand over any money!


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10 thoughts on “10 Tips For Buying Second Hand Guitars – How to Spot Fakes & Bad Deals
  1. Keith Clark says:


  2. Mark van Es says:

    The old plastics are chemically unstable when introduced to UV. Thuis makes it brittle and causes cracks. Fun fact UV van also be used to check wether synthetic paints have been used, it reflect UV back much more than non modern paints and pigments.

  3. Char Lotte says:

    Do your research
    1) does it look good?
    -> check for nicks, chips etc
    2) is it legit? (Unoriginal parts cause lower price)
    3) check neck
    -> is truss rod straight (look from side)
    -> look from bottom and top for twists etc
    4) check frets (must not have dents under strings)
    5) test pickups
    6) check hardware (saddles/tuners)
    7) check electronics
    8) check neck pocket fit
    9) check for hairline cracks (esp ends of neck)
    10) check for enjoyment

  4. MickP says:

    Speaking as an old git who’s been playing 50 years – Well done Dagan – informative and entertaining and very well presented. Wish we’d had someone like you to avoid the monsters we had to play “back in the day!” Well done son, keep it up!

  5. Blank The regular otaku says:

    How does rust on metal parts effect the instrument?

  6. Andrew Riddle says:

    Yeah take his advice but also double check every second hand guitar from pmt, my friend brought a second hand telecaster from the Romford store and the electrics was a real mess! It was kinda his fault aswell as he didn’t test it before paying for it as the sales man said it’s just came in its been all tested and gone over and in perfect condition. Yeah okay mate

  7. kyle H says:

    Dammit Dagan. At it again.

  8. Juan Tovar says:

    What color was that start

  9. Phillip Lancaster says:

    So i should walk into a guitar shop with a black light?

  10. Palash Kohli says:

    What about comparing second hand guitars with their new first hand versions?

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