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In April, we put together a totally sarcastic video about the ten things you could do to get better at the guitar faster. But since it was April 1st, the entire video was a joke. None of the things listed in that lesson would have helped you. In fact, they would have greatly hurt your progress.

So in this video, we’ll clear the air and talk about the ten things you can actually do to see results at a quicker pace. This includes working on your timing, learning songs, fixing mistakes, playing with other people, learning the notes on the fretboard, and more. Be sure to watch the video to get the full list of tips!

Hopefully, you’ll come away from this guitar lesson with at least a few tricks for improving your practice time. If you’re a keener and you implement all ten of these “things”, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your playing in just a few days!

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10 thoughts on “10 Things ANYONE Can Do To Get Better At Guitar Faster
  1. HCT9beats says:

    who else had band flashbacks

  2. zane cowling says:

    Very helpful stuff!

  3. Ben Grut says:

    Nice drumming👌

  4. IDGam3r says:

    Question: Should I focus my practice sessions solely on doing different variations of the same scale untill i can play any notes from that scale with fluidity and speed(For example learning ALL the different variations of the A Major Scale to the point where I could close my eyes and instinctively know where all the notes of the A Major scale are)

  5. Mc E says:

    TIP #1 set you’re guitar action LOW!

  6. Frankie Frankie says:

    Do you think that I can play, whichever song I want, if I build technique for at least a year?

  7. taiyab Khan says:

    I’m joining guitareo very soon!

  8. Noah Turner says:

    six people don’t want to work in order to get better

  9. SFFS GAMING says:

    Wow…i practice like 2 times everyday 😂 is that good? I’ve been playing the guitar for like almost a month

  10. Lohnan Able says:

    Surely in love with these
    Yes in deed!

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