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This is a brief tutorial (with TAB) for 10 of my favorite picking songs!
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10 thoughts on “10 Fun Picking Songs on Guitar!
  1. Darrell Braun Guitar says:

    Check out my 10 favourite fingerpicking songs here:


  2. Roger Zhao says:

    Is it you, star lord?

  3. LC Uprising says:

    What type of guitar is that?

  4. Todd Baker says:

    the first barre on D is physically impossible for me to do

  5. JO_LA R says:

    Wet hands by c418 is so fun to play

  6. JoelRichardson says:

    Dude hell yes maylene!? Sweet!

  7. Slash Slash says:

    guys I want help..If I’m in trip with my friends what are some really easy songs on guitar that everyone will enjoy?

  8. Memes Beer says:

    You are bringing peace to the world with your music.😇💖💫💯

  9. Ronaldson Sambain says:

    Darrel can you do tutorial on ukelele

  10. Ronaldson Sambain says:

    Hallelujah man

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