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Fingerstyle guitar, one of my favorite ways to let the acoustic guitar shine. In this video I’m sharing 10 of my favorite songs to play!

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Collings OM2H
Haar Telecaster played through my Kemper Amp
Martin D-42

Neumann KM-184 –
Voodoo VRII –
Neumann TLM102 (for vox) –

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10 thoughts on “10 fun FINGERSTYLE guitar songs
  1. Paul Davids says:

    Part TWO is here!

  2. V J Min says:

    I ONLY “lose” picks when my friends come over to jam!

  3. Muhammad Adeva says:

    Now i am scared. How did you know i lost 2 pick in my entire life

  4. Pedro Lopes says:

    Wow, Hallelujah sounded amazing! The telecaster tone sounds fantastic, i loved it!!

  5. Voice Of reason says:

    Signe by Eric clapton

  6. Carolina Simรตes says:

    I can’t play guitar with a pick; it seems to me too psycologically heavy.

  7. Hugh Jass says:

    The hole in an acoustic is the blackhole of guitar where no pick ever returns once it goes in.

  8. America the Beautiful says:

    Huh, I would think that fingerstyle is too mainstream for you…

  9. lavanya bisht says:


  10. soundofBeers says:

    Hey Paul,
    When slapping the guitar with your thumb (e.g. Stop this train) the sound of that slap comes through very clear. Besides from practising and mastering the technique to do the slap, is there something you do with editing/mixing/mastering the sound to get the slap/tick more audible like boosting the frequency of it? And if you do such thing, could you guide me in the direction of how much Hertz give or take that would be or what trick you apply?
    Super bedankt alvast!

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