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In this beginner guitar lesson, we’ll take a look at some fancy chords that you can play to add some emotion to your guitar playing. Since we’re covering a lot of chords, try working on one or two at a time and incorporating them into your everyday playing.

The chords covered in this lesson are the D Major 7 chord, D6 chord, C Major 7 chord, F Major 7 chord, A7 chord, A13 chord, E Add 9 power chord, C/G major chord, D9 sus 4 chord, and two versions of the E Add 9 open chord.

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10 thoughts on “10 FANCY Guitar Chords For Beginners – Guitar Lesson
  1. Akash Thombare says:

    You are doing great work man..

  2. The Suave Banana says:

    This is such an amazing video, you show and explain it so clearly and perfectly it’s helped me a lot, thank you.

  3. djbattman says:

    Tank you for lesson

  4. E lectra says:

    Hey, Nate! I have a random question. What are your thoughts on capos? Are they really needed to play a specific song or can you play without it?
    The reason I ask is because I never really see any guitar players with it on

  5. Suma K says:

    Is the free beginner guitar starter kit has no cost

  6. Guitar 6 steps says:

    show results please

  7. Dharma Kaya says:

    Excellent thanks for that let the fun times roll 😆

  8. Prantik Nath says:

    u said we have to lower the root to make it 7th chord… like in D,C and, F major 7. but what happen to A 7?? it lowered two notes!!

  9. Na dia says:

    It was really awesome man
    I just tried it on my guitar..
    And yes It sounds liked you.
    So tnq u

  10. Alex G says:

    Wow this one is like learning the Rubik’s Cube, I am shouting “hold on, Nate !” at the screen and rewinding a lot lol (half way through so far and taking a breather while the fingertips deal 🙂

    Thanks for such fantastic lessons on here. I find them great all around, pacing, advice, showing off a little to inspire us 😉 Just so many “a ha” moments on this one (so far lol) thank you so much for sharing these gems with everyone.

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