Electric Guitar Solo… on Acoustic???

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Stevie T reacts to and redeems this FAKE “acoustic” guitar solo! Let the SHREDemption begin!! SUBSCRIBE for more stuff and things – Best of STEVIE T Playlist – STEVIE T LINKS: Patreon – Instagram – Stevie T MERCH – Spotify – iTunes – Facebook – Video Source: YouTube

5 MUST KNOW tips for your acoustic playing!

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▶All tabs available on Patreon!◀ In this video I’m sharing 5 of my best tips to give you a boost on the acoustic guitar. Tips ranging from beginner to more advanced! ▶FOLLOW ME◀ Instagram: ▶SUPPORT ME + TABS◀ Patreon: ▶GEAR◀ ▶GUITAR◀ Collings OM2H ▶MICS◀ Vocal mic – Guitar mic – ▶SOUND◀ Soundcard – DAW – Read More

Top 10 Easiest Guitar Riffs!

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We count down the top ten EASIEST most simplest guitar riffs EVER! I also demonstrate just how easy they really are! SUBSCRIBE for more guitar countdowns! – Stevie T vids playlist – Stevie T ‘Top 10’ lists – Other Stevie T linkages: Stevie T MERCH – Patreon – Instagram – Spotify – iTunes – Facebook Read More

How a Flamenco Guitar Is Made

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A basement workshop in Madrid is where beautifully crafted Conde guitars are made. Video by Gloria Kurnik and Leila Hussain MADE is a Bloomberg Digital Original series focusing on craftspeople and their premium wares, all made the hard way. Video Source: YouTube

The Best Budget Fender Semi acoustic guitar-Fender FA125ce | Is It Worth the price??

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In this video I review an all new model from Fender..FA125ce..the fender fa125ce and fender fa125 are same except that fender fa125 is non cutaway and comes without the fishman pickup(basically its a simple acoustic guitar).It has relpaced the famous fender cd60 which has now become cd60s( ‘s’ means solid top). How does it sounds Read More

Best Tabs – Tera Ghata Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson by Muninder-Singh Play Strings [Part-1]

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This is the lesson of my acoustic fingerstyle guitar cover of “Tera Ghata” by Gajendra Verma. I”ll soon upload the Guitar tabs also. So stay tuned……. If you love my work, you can subscribe below to motivate me to make more fingerstyle guitar covers. () Video Source: YouTube

AMAZING ACOUSTIC Auditions on American Idol 2018! | Idols Global

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Watch some of the most amazing acoustic auditions on American Idol 2018! Which audition do you think was the best? Let us know in the comments! Including performances by: Maddie Zahm Trevor Holmes Brandon Diaz Brandon Elder David Francisco Subscribe for more Idols Global ▶︎ Find us on Facebook ▶︎ Fins us on Instagram ▶︎ Read More

OEM Guitars VS Branded Guitars | Branded Guitars VS Non Branded Guitars | The Guitar Chronicles

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Hello everyone 🙂 Today I will compare OEM Guitars with Branded Guitars.Make Sure to watch this video till the end as it will really help you in buying a good guitar. Which one is right for you?? Best buy Links : Yamaha F310 : Yamaha FS100C : Cort AD810 : Pluto HW41C : Follow Us Read More

Learning the Hardest John Mayer Riff

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50% off the 5-star rated Guitar Super System: 50% off Guitar Super System Level 2: 50% off Guitar Super System Level 3: 50% off Modern Rock Guitar Techniques: 50% off 5 Exotic Guitar Scales course: 50% off The Best Beginner Guitar Course Ever: Let’s be friends on Facebook: Questionable photos on Instagram: My musings on Read More